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1) When a group of men notice a ho is around they go on "ho alert". Some are married and want to avoid being seen talking to the ho, others are in the hunt and wanting to get liad, so they want to compete for the ho.
2) When a woman notices a ho get near her man, she goes on ho alert. She will watch her man like a hawk to make certain he doesn't get too friendly.
1) Nasty ho enters a bar. All the men notice she is dressed in a short skirt, and when she bends over she has no panties on. She also has a tattoo that says "Will fuck for dick" tattooed on her back right above her ass.

They all go on ho alert.

2) Another nasty ho walks into a bar and a woman whose man is always cheating notices. She keeps her eye on the ho and her man to make certain they don't get too aquainted.

She is on ho alert.
by tripdnokc August 24, 2010

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