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The very sound a grin would make if verbalised
girl: I like you
guy: hnnn
by someone April 05, 2004
Dialogue from the Temmie shop in Undertale.
When the user tries to sell DogResidu to Tem for the first time.
tem gota have dat DogResidus,
but tem gota pay for colleg...
by gotahavedatdogresidus May 05, 2016
From the game Undertale -- in the temmie shop when you have DogResidu and you try to sell them to tem.
Temmie - hnnn....
Temmie - i gota have dat DogResidus...
Temmie - but i gota pay for colleg
by gotahavedatdogresidus February 02, 2016
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