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Sound made when one is attempting to sound reassuring yet non-commital.
Thelma - You know what? I'm gonna fuck Brad Pitt and then drive into a fucken canyon, until I'm dead! You comin'?

Louise - Hmmmm....
#reassurance #procrastination #stupidity #lame #death
by MadBob May 08, 2007
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Something one says when nothing else can be thought of
Tony: I really enjoyed last night!
Emily: Hmmm...
#hmm #hm #maybe #okay #meh
by pinkypete November 14, 2006
1 Phrase used when you are happy.
2 Phrase used when you are bored.
3 Phrase used when you just owned someone.
4 Word when there is nothing else to say.
1 Hmmm.
2 Hmmm.
3 Hmmm.
4 Hmmm.
by Edro13 March 07, 2003
An especially annoying phrase that a boy will say or text you when you are trying to have an at least semi-meaningful conversation.
Me: I miss you, and I can't wait to see you again.

Annoying Boy: Hmmm

Me: Not the reply I was looking for...
#hmmmm #hmm #uhh #ummm #huh
by SuDubya January 23, 2011
1. A term used when deciding.
2. A term used with joy.
3. A singing note.
4. Other uses.
5. Other uses.
6. Other uses
1. Hmmm.
2. Hmmm.
3. Hmmm.
4. Hmmm.
5. Hmmm.
6. Hmmm.
#hm #hmmmmmmmm #hmmm #gmmmmmmmmm #gm
by Matt11111 December 28, 2011
HMMM is the term used for approval during the fingering of an anal passage with a girl. The term "HMMM" is also followed by a smiley face. The "HMMM" is also done with a low frequency such as a black man enjoying some chicken, "MMM M MMMMMM" but with a "HMMM" and a smiley face.
I made that girl HMMM last night everywhere
#hmmm #chicken #anal #passage #approval #fingering
by fruitpunched May 29, 2012
iit madras lingo- an expression used for an approval or a nod
burr:quark jau?
#hmm #humm #hmhmh #hindi #aur bata
by bhooshan jape December 14, 2005
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