an abbreviated version of when you can't decide between "hmu" for hit me up and "lmk" for let me know
Me: I'm gonna bring beer over in a little bit
Friend: Alright hmk when you're coming over
by parme-chan May 02, 2013
Top Definition
is a combination of two words
hmm and ok
Person 1: hey Marina do u want to chill on saturday?
Marina: hmk
by rudecriminal123 March 04, 2010
Hit Me Kik (hit up that persons kik)
*On IG* a post-like for tbh

Destiny commented on your pic: aye u cool but hmk real quick
by Og_sky December 17, 2014
Stands for "hit my kik".Kik is a free messenger app.Hit my kik is another way is saying ,"txt me on kik messenger app".
Person 1:"I havent seen u in a brick"
Person 2:"hmk"
by Yaa yaa011 April 10, 2015
Homework, a term commonly used amongst 11-16yr olds.
Steve: ru not coming down to the avenue tonight then?
Chris: no, i've got a fuckload of physics hmk to sort out!
Steve: what hmk??!
by Vicky Brewster June 25, 2007
1.Have my kids

2.Hold my kock
Hey Julia! hmk?
by blackachu October 26, 2011

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