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"Higher Mother Fucking Level". Originating in southwest Ohio, circa 2001, this phrase has become a near-indisputable rebuttal to the statement that something cannot be done.
"You think you're going to win this race? Please. You can't beat Sergio."
"Dude, I'm on an HMFL. I cannot be stopped."

"How the fuck did you pull that girl last night?!? She was HOT!"
#lmfl #dgf #on fire #self-actualized #golden
by bgholyfield March 03, 2014
short for Hate My Fucking Life
Emo person: ohh i hmfl
#hatemyfuckinglife #emo #hate #fml #fuckmylife
by timergh June 13, 2009
HMFL stands for i hate my fuckin life
The fucking dog just ate my shoe, ugh HMFL
#hate #my #fucking #life #dick
by Lilmamma0601 July 27, 2010
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