a hot mother f****r. if not paired with another person, are usually sitting and playing video games all day, and is in a constant hunt for food. they're very passionate for what their interests are, they use much emphasis when telling stories, and rarely have boring moments. their hair is amazing and they are very seductive in their ways. they have the most beautiful eyes one will ever see. an hmf is always making perverted jokes, and the one listening is unmistakeably always laughing. commonly, an amazing person that one is very lucky to ever meet, and there is only one in eternity.
i'm in love with an hmf.
by i.o.l.v.m. June 17, 2009
Top Definition
a term indicating indignation
how can you say that to me? hmf!
by abee September 20, 2006
"Holy mothafuckin' shit" State of extreme shock.
"HMFS, I can't believe she said that to you!!"
by Chrmingrl December 22, 2006
Holy. Mother. Fucking. Shit.

Used as an acronym for a state of extreme shock
by Lalagurrrrl January 02, 2011
High Maintenance Female...any woman, not girl, that is high maintenance. she takes a great deal out of anyone who she accumpanys.

~source-Whitney R.
god damn she is an H.M.F.
by the one letter guy March 28, 2005
holly mother fuck
Micheal Jackson's status on facebook: i wish we could send smell through internet

fan comment: HMF ?:/
by ales friend from facebbok July 11, 2009
hungery mother fucker
A: uhhh im starving

B: shut the fuck up you HMF
by hungerymotherfucker December 21, 2011
Hit Man Family
a gang created under a group of crips in 1995 under abz and efcc members in long beach california

expanded to oregon and washington
hyt man family 3814 "hmf"
by youngwidow June 15, 2010
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