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Taking a hit from a ciggarette or joint.
Woah man! Give me a hizzy of that.
by Donnie Rowe October 14, 2003
7 70
up in the house- made famous by the drunk cook.
were makin fizzy's up in the hizzy
(fries up in the house)
by flipit119_aaa September 19, 2009
473 61
One's place of residence
Yo dizog, we goin to mah hizzy
by Groovatron February 28, 2002
275 159
N. A Blunt of Marijuana; hiz for short. Most commonly used to describe the last smoke of night (nightcap), but can be used to describe any Blunt.
Lets smoke a hizzy
Its about time to smoke that hiz
by Phuck U. September 22, 2010
31 37
Ebonic slang for many words that start with "H". The "Izzy" turns just about any word into slang.
Hook(and sure): Off the hizzy fo shizzy
House: Take it to the Hizzy
Ho: Damn, There are some serious hizzies up in this joint
by Levi Damione January 21, 2005
109 145
*your cribhouse
*your home
*a residential area that belongs to you\ is owned by someone(or you)
*ah "home G" you want to come over to my hizzy?
by lorily June 01, 2006
36 83
Slang for hook
That party was off the hizzy, fo' shizzy!
by ChungaWunga March 05, 2003
42 90
center of power
the place you call home
abercrobmie humor shirt
with photo of US Capitol dome and the
words "Take it to the Hizzy"
by john July 11, 2004
80 132