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a rash on the arm and/or butt that is often confused with assne that Adam Kossov gets every year
1. Gee Wiz, look at the hives on Adam Kossov!
2. Holy Hives, look at Adam!
by P Mobile May 05, 2004
19 37
1) home

2) place where people get together; a hang-out

3) an annoying or irritating person
1) after the party, we went over to Donna's hive and partied some more

2) I hear Smashers is a pretty cool hive, ever been there?

3) dude stop being such a hive!
by Lucky March 14, 2004
83 35
Short for high five.
Person: I smoke Lucky Strikes
You: Me too! Hive!
by Damian_C April 28, 2009
65 19
A term for somewhere that is "buzzing" or a good place to be, cool, hip, happening.
1. "Is that bar any good?"

"Its totally hive, man"
2. "Yeah, Q-Club is a hive these days"
by dannymce February 10, 2014
6 1
An apartment secretly filled way past capacity with "fresh off the boat" Asians who are usually students at a nearby University.
John- Hey man I think that place next door to our apartment is a Hive.
Bill- Why do you say that?
John- I see tons of Asians coming in and out of there all the time and I've looked in and seen beds all over the place.
Bill- Yeah well they probably have more room than their house in Asia.
by Dick Packenwood September 25, 2011
5 6
A hive is an area where a group of criminal immigrants reside in order to plan their illegal activities.
Be careful of the hive. We don't want your stuff to get stolen.
by Trolldor December 18, 2013
2 4
short for "hi i have" or "hi i've". commonly used in Vermont.
Rory: hi.
Heather: hi've got something to tell you.
by VT4life420 April 26, 2007
4 6
"Hives" is sometimes used as a sort of abbreviation for "hyperventilation", thus someone "getting the hives" when doing something specific could mean that he/she is so very excited by doing it that it causes him/her to hyperventilate.
Hyperventilation can more often be observed in children or people who tend to react a bit child-like (just to these specific things). Nevertheless, using the expression "hives" doesn't necessarily mean that they *actually* hyperventilate, only that they're overly excited.
OMG! I was just able to get my hands on one of those spectacular new '60s-styled klogs! *hives*
Oh, don't be too bothered by all the enthusiasm. Frances always gets the hives when she has the opportunity to spend some time with the horses.
by Harl Windwolf May 19, 2011
9 16