Short for high five.
Person: I smoke Lucky Strikes
You: Me too! Hive!
by Damian_C April 28, 2009
Top Definition
1) home

2) place where people get together; a hang-out

3) an annoying or irritating person
1) after the party, we went over to Donna's hive and partied some more

2) I hear Smashers is a pretty cool hive, ever been there?

3) dude stop being such a hive!
by Lucky March 14, 2004
A term for somewhere that is "buzzing" or a good place to be, cool, hip, happening.
1. "Is that bar any good?"

"Its totally hive, man"
2. "Yeah, Q-Club is a hive these days"
by dannymce February 10, 2014
A hive is an area where a group of criminal immigrants reside in order to plan their illegal activities.
Be careful of the hive. We don't want your stuff to get stolen.
by Trolldor December 18, 2013
short for "hi i have" or "hi i've". commonly used in Vermont.
Rory: hi.
Heather: hi've got something to tell you.
by VT4life420 April 26, 2007
1. A fanbase under that are addicted to his videos and will defend him with their lives. Hive means to defend someone.
Kenny: Hey look at that kid, he's so short!
Kenny: Woah dude, dont go all hive on me!
by thatguyfromurbanstreetz March 27, 2015
An apartment secretly filled way past capacity with "fresh off the boat" Asians who are usually students at a nearby University.
John- Hey man I think that place next door to our apartment is a Hive.
Bill- Why do you say that?
John- I see tons of Asians coming in and out of there all the time and I've looked in and seen beds all over the place.
Bill- Yeah well they probably have more room than their house in Asia.
by Dick Packenwood September 25, 2011

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