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Hitlery is a common way of adressing Hillary Clinton.

The reason people mingle the names of Hillary and Hitler is because it is well known that if she is elected president she will install a dictatorship much like Hitler did. All freedom loving people and patriots will be arrested and put in camps or simply shot. Stalin and Hitler would be made to look like sunday school kids next to her.
Hitlery sez: if you are working hard and make a lot of money, I'm gonna take it away from you to give it to the lazy bums who can't be bothered to learn in school and work hard... as long as they are loyal dumb-o-crats of course!
People will be praying for another Bush presidency once she has been in office for a year or so.
by anti-communist/anti-fascist May 25, 2006
A nick name given to hillay clinton that mixes her first name with Hitler
Hitlery Clinton is an evil women.
by Syco April 28, 2008
The most evil dictator in the world. She will kick Hu Jingtao in the nuts inevitably start WWIII and nuke China and Iran into oblivion. She will start the 2nd Holocaust in America and commit mass genocide on Chinese Americans. She will promote Anti-Siniticism around the world and send the Chinese into death camps that make Auschwitz and Treblinka look tame. She will make the Chinese race extinct.
Hitlery will make Hitler's action look like child's play.
by Fak Hitlery August 10, 2008
The inevitable democratic nominee and next president of the United States.
Hitlery Clinton will go down in history as the first woman president of the United States.
by getauf March 04, 2008
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