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a indian that is smart, funny, and likes to hang out with friends. usually the girls secretly crush on him, and he is extremely loyal to his friends.
OMG! You are such a hiten! ur the best friend ever!!
by hindu93 May 01, 2008
From the anime Inuyasha. Hiten is the elderest brother between the two "Thunder Brothers", among with his only brother, Manten. Although he is, between the two, the most 'handsome' and 'human-looking', he is by far the most dangerous brother between the two. He uses a Thunder Pike as his mastered weapon, and is able to fly around with two floating wheels that are floating right next to his feet.
Hiten: Let's hunt, Manten!
by Delf October 13, 2003
See douche bag.
That Hiten, he's such a douche bag!
by seb May 18, 2004

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