find a hoe then fuck em then leave em in the middle of the night with out em knowing
Jack pulled a hit and run on that chicken head last night.
by Pimp master p May 29, 2003
Top Definition
The act of prepping oneself to a near orgasm state, running up to an idle man/woman in public, jizzing on them, and followed by fleeing from the location of said offense.
Chris hated Camille so much during lunch he performed a hit n run and made her go through the rest of the day with stains of shame.
by fatigued homie September 28, 2009
The act of nailing a female then waiting until she is snoring/sleeping and then gathering your shit and getting the fuck out of there!
Güntherß Müllard: I sweet talked a girl all week, told her how good I was in every way, the sucker fell for it. Hit n run. High 5!

Harry Peterson: Hit n run. Nice work comrade!

Güntherß Müllard: She even text me after she realised I'd gone to say 'nice. x'!

Harry Peterson: High 5!
by ku esor hit n run team XD August 20, 2009
When someone comes up to a group of people and either silently farts or lets it all out and then walks away like nothing happened.
I went up to my friends and farted then walked away as if nothing happened. I just did a Hit n Run.
by cleiunfuss December 08, 2011
The act of farting, usually a SBD(Silent But Deadly) and rolling out(F.R.O.N.), and leaving before the stink gets to people noses so they won't suspect you as the farter.

John was at dinner when feel overwhelmed him. He had to fart. John stupidly assumed his fart would go unnoticed. John released the SBD. After ten long seconds, John's mother smelt the fart. As a southern lady she sat in the fart not announcing it's presence. John's dad on the other hand, screamed at John the second the fart hit his nose. John was so embarassed he ran away and is now the hobo begging for money on your street.(THIS WOULD BE A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF WHEN TO USE A HIT 'N RUN.)
by RDUBz May 06, 2013
The act of leaving the scene of an internet chat room without being an active participant in any conversations.
Person 1 & 2: <long conversation>
Person 3: im out
Person 2: da fuk? when were you even here?
Person 1: another damn hit n run
by 1slowhonduh April 10, 2009
Multi use-

Use 1: verb- The act of driving a car while having a passenger moon a nearby vehicle at speeds no greater than 30 anything faster would be blurred and considered a "drive by"

Use 2:verb- Running up to someone, mushroom stamping them and running away.

Use 3:verb-: a combination of both of these. The driver drops a passenger of a block or so back, proceeds with the hit n run mooning, while the person walking, unzips his pants, wait for the persons startled wtf just happened to me look, and smacks there tonsils

*side note* Very hard to distinguish which one is being referred to, and is usually a good idea to get further details about the actions leading to the use of this word
Use 1 ex:

So we just got done smoking that spliff and there was an old lady fixing her tire.......haha ya man HIT N RUN

Use 2: Ya Clarissa was cleaning out her locker at lunch, she got the old hit n run.

Use 3: We had the ultimate hit n run today man, left her with bulged eyes and fat print!
by Kirk to the ish October 11, 2007
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