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A five minute-long song in which 2pac explains that he has no motherfucking friends, so that is why he fucked your bitch, how much he owns this whole fuckin' place, how all you motherfuckers can suck his dick, and he would gladly west-side fuck your momma, and you little fucker better shut the fuck up, before things get really fucked-up, and he will beat the fuck out of your little ass, get it?
You should listen to "Hit Em Up" and count how many times he uses the word "fuck" in it. ;)
by Urban_Fellow September 19, 2006
182 88
Murder verbally or physically. Used by 2-pac or Lil Weezy(Lil`Wayne). A killing. Used to threaten a group of people.
Nigga I HIT-EM-UP. He hit-em-up. Imma hit-em-up
by MAC L. May 16, 2007
6 9
Get on the road do some soul searching after getting high!
Sometimes I just like to Hit Em Up and hit the highway!
by USer 55 November 20, 2006
7 42