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go to sleep
Yo man, I'm pretty tired. I guess I'm gonna hit the sack
by arabLovinHo May 07, 2003
Means to go to bed, though can be mistaken for masturbation.
Dude: Gonna hit the sack guys, catch you tomorrow.
Girl: Masterbate? sicko...
Dude: I mean go to bed, biatch.
by mc21212 January 18, 2007
a term for masturbation widely used in the deep south
Boys, I'm gonna hit the sack! And I ain't going to sleep or nothing!
by dr. hoodrat January 05, 2016
1. The act of getting into bed for the purpose of sleep.
2. The act of masturbating.
All right guys, I'm gonna go and hit the sack... and then go to bed.
by Dimpitidoopie January 11, 2008
Masturbating to fall asleep before bed.
I am gonna hit the sack & passout
by aekdbro April 05, 2011
another joke you play on your friends (usually guys). see example.
me: what do you do before you go to bed?
him: ???
me: hit the sack! *punch in the nuts*
by fanatacist July 24, 2004
to hit the sack is a slang expression for masturbate.
OO man that is a fine ass chick im going to "hit the sack"(damn right)
by The Ness July 22, 2004
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