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1.)A sometimes insulting way of telling someone to go away, get lost, or leave you alone. Commonly acompanied by the word "junior".

2.) To uninsultingly instruct 1 or more people to leave.

Hit the bricks junior!

Three's a crowd, so hit the bricks.


Man, this party's stale. Let's hit the bricks.

I'll play one more, than I'm gonna hit the bricks.
by Cody May 23, 2004
Get out of here, fuck off, bounce.
"Yo, hit tha bricks nigga!"
"This is fucked, lets hit tha bricks."
by Diego September 05, 2003
to find a job.
i was broke so i had to hit the bricks.
by arffart April 20, 2011
get out of jail
im going staight to my baby momma's house when i hit the bricks.
by bstyle May 20, 2004
Run, muthafucka
When i walked out to my car there were cops in the drive, so i HIT THE BRICKS throwing crack rocks into peoples yards..
by kaotik_jay May 22, 2004