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noun - with object

1. - to propel using driving force

2. method of absorbing/administering a dose of narcotic drug (ie. ecstasy) pill in the quickest way possible.

Originated from song lyrics Lil' Boosie / from his experiences 'way back in the day'
Daddy Mac 1: you ever put pill in girl booty?
Guy 1: Nah, man..... huh?!
Daddy Mac 1: Yeah man, it melts in their booty hole and it hits 'em in like, 20 seconds. You never know what they gonna do.
Guy 1: What? .. You done it? a hit in the booty hole?
Daddy Mac 2: Yeah Bro, It hit them in the booty hole good. The booty is like eating the pill.
by geminijunebug September 03, 2009
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