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When a guy thinks a girl is hot enough to fuck but does not want to go out with her, he just wants to fuck her and leave.
Person #1: That g really likes you, do you like her yo?
Person #2: Not really dawg.
Person #1: Then why don't you just hit and dip?
Person #2: I might still.
by LILR3 February 22, 2008
when a man thinks a girl is pretty but doesnt want to stay with her, he has sex(hit) and then leaves(dip). can also be refered to as nail and bail.
You:Man my girlfriend is a bitch.
Friend:Did she let you hit yet?
Friend:Dude she might be a bitch but shes hot so just hit and dip.
by Bros call me DP September 25, 2006
When someone takes a hit of weed and then leaves right after without socializing.
Person1: Hey, do you want to come smoke with me?
Person2: Yea


Person2: Hey I have to go
Person1: Dang just hit and dip
by weezybabe November 02, 2011