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Noun (HIS/OUSE) Refuge, domicile, residence, dwelling, abode, crib, pad, nest or home. This version has entered the enteratinment mainsteam vernacular with references in such cinematic gems as "Undercover Brother", "Carwash" and "Baby Got Back II"
"Meet me at my hisouse at 8 disnick brofeen." (Meet me at my home at 8 dick breath)
by Priz Biz Sage June 18, 2005
"His-ouse" (Noun) Place of domicile; refuge, home. synonim: "crib"

History: Coined into the Eubonic vernacular by members of the L.A. Crip Gang from Compton in the late 1970's. Often used both in and out of prison as a misguided tool to pass information undetected. Problems arose several years following its release when the fad of speaking in the pretend language back fired on gang causing rapid abandonment.
example sentence: "Yo Amanda, we just chillin' at the Hol-i-day Inn so come outta dat hisouse you in and bring dat back right cheer"
by Priz Biz Sage June 08, 2005
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