1. A pretty little girl who rocks cute glasses

2. One who dislikes most foods: cheese on pizza, bread, fish, cole slaw, vegetables (except potatoes), and almost everything else

3. Someone who uses the phrase "You're mean" constantly
A: Look at that girl! She's so beautiful.
B: She must be a Hira...

A: "You're mean, you're mean YOU'RE MEANNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!"

Hira eating pizza, "Do you want my cheese? Do you want my crust? Can you eat my olives and tomatoes and onions?"

Hira's cousin: What part of the pizza do you actually like?

Hira: The bread and the sauce.
by neebas October 22, 2010
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hira, similar to that of the greek goddess of love, hira, similar to that of a diamond, hira essentially the cave of hira, ghare-hira... ultimately where it all started.
hira is to be in the right place at the right time
by Hira September 23, 2004
(a sacret place)
by hira October 31, 2003
Unbreakable friendship
honesty friend
Derived from an ancient friendship between two boys which lasted from one lifetime to another.
Hiras also known as the soulmate of hirantha
Let us be like hiras and hirantha...
by samanalaya2 November 11, 2010

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