Hipsters, they suck the life out of a neighborhood and move once there too many of them there. Because they hate each other just like everyone else hates them.

In some ways, it's low self esteem personalized into a culture. They think they belong in another culture because they hate the culture that's around them, including themselves.

So they feel the need to move constantly. Because insecure people are never happy so they keep moving because they blame everyone else around them for the way their life has turned out. And in the process other people pay for their insecurities.
Hipster 1: I really hate this neighborhood, it's full of hipsters. Everywhere I go, I spot people wearing band shirts like mine, they're such wannabes. I'm sure none of them heard of the Snot Rocketeers.

Hipster 2: (bong rip) I heard of this place in Pennsylvania named Brooklyn. Since we live in Brooklyn now, wouldn't it be ironic if we move out of Brooklyn to live in Brooklyn?
by AUED June 06, 2013
Someone who thinks they are different, but in reality are just a lazy ass with low self esteem and they say depressing things because that is hipster. They think they are better than you, they blame society for everything, can't deal with their problems, wear ugly and unflattering haircuts and clothes, take pictures of stupid things and say stupid quotes, and think they are smart, when in fact they are annoying dumbasses with no life.
Hipster: *takes photo of box* "no one understands me. I can't last much longer. these feelings are eating me away. I want to die. #pain #unloved #societyiscruel #imnotokay
Normal person:" Dude no one cares like just get help or something."
Hipster: "I just have to stay strong. No one can help me ."

Hipster: "Hipster pleeze!"
by awesome73508 May 22, 2013
A hipster is someone who does not identify with any sub-culture because they consider themselves independent and of a counter-culture. They often identify as a counter-culture leading to anything that is popular being labelled as "too mainstream" by hipsters (however this in fact is often more used by their critics to parody them for example "being a hipster is too mainstream for a hipster" however in fact this may be accurate considering that most hipsters will not self-identify as hipster). They tend to express progressive attitudes but because it is often mixed in with a militantly elitist attitude they are generally disliked by non-hipsters. They have a fashion sense that often includes things like ripped jeans and American Apparel products. They tend to identify with indy music although occasionally they also identify with classical (which is just more ammo for their critics who believe it is part of their faux intellectual and elitist persona).
Bob: You are such a hipster!

John: No I'm not!
by willbell December 16, 2012
White middle class from the suburbs. They are the one who was responsible for making gentrification thrive in poor neighborhoods whereby it drove out the poor, hard working class. The one that destroyed the very social and cultural fabric of New York City. For those Hipsters that don't find it to be true will immediately give a thumbs down. However, ask a Native New Yorker about how they feel about it. Better yet ask the Germans in Berlin.


Welcome to Berlin, Sorry, no entry for Hipsters. (Would love to put the URL, however, UD won't allow it. Just Google the title)
Veni, Vidi, corruo

I came, I Saw, I Destroyed

Thanks a lot Hipsters for taking the life out of NYC.
by 3rd Gen. NYC October 29, 2012
A person fantasizing that all the trendy things they do are average and everything everyone else does is below that.
Hipster: Gosh, mainstreamers are like, tres uncool.

Anyone else: I seek happiness, as opposed to elitism.

Hipster: *scoff*
by SuperDuperGuy June 28, 2012
A person who has serious issues with everyone else. Typically act like they hate everything, because it is too "mainstream."
Stereotypical hipsters can be seen wearing winter-wear in hot weather, or just a ton of pointless accessories such as 3D glasses without lenses.
Normally enjoy "music" that no one likes, just for the feeling of being unique.
Also tries too hard to not try.
"I don't like that song, it's too mainstream. I prefer dubstep from artists unknown."
"First off, dubstep isn't music. Secondly, you just look like a retard, trying too hard to 'do your own thing.' You're just a hipster retard."
by ShakeJunt666 April 24, 2012
Characterized by a nostalgia for long-lost caucasian pop culture.

The term "caucasian pop culture" is inclusive of elements enjoyed by, derived, and originated from people of all ethnic backgrounds, while being defined by "things white people like."
With her collection of records and brimmed hats, old books, thrift store clothes, sun dresses, ray bans, flannel, polaroid camera, Andy Warhol fridge magnets, urban outfitters shopping sprees, quirky electronic dance indie iPod mixes, and existentialist attitudes towards life expressed during coffee shop conversations and impromptu picnics, she is a total hipster.
by Cam the man. January 30, 2012
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