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now is mainstream.
"she's a hipster? gawd, that's so mainstream."
by supercoolness12343 January 05, 2012
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They're suposedly the hippies of the XXI century with the difference that they don't have any strong ideology nor they have caused any relevant social movement. In theory, hipsters despise anything mainstream despite the fact that they're huge fans of Apple products and wear Vans shoes and clothes from Urban Outfitters and American Apparel. Hipsters are the kind of people that say poser seudo-intellectual phrases like "I liked Arcade Fire before they were famous".
Person 1: I'm a huge fan of Quentin Tarantino.
Hipster: I used to like him until he became mainstream.
by Mazmorrero January 04, 2012
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most of them are fag-bags.
hipsters are a modern category of people ranging from teens to young adults. they have a very "hip" sense of style (obviously) which includes scarves, fedoras, tight pants, plaid shirts, and oxfords, generally. some can have an image of goth, or emo, but on a less harsh scale.
by musicmegan December 06, 2011
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those who call themselves hipsters and ruin everything
Hipster-"I love lamp"

Others-" I hate lamp now"
by 2pac's ghost December 04, 2011
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In short, conceded a**hole who thinks they are better than everybody else because the don't roll with the "main-stream" crowd.
Coppercab(angry ginger kid)

person 1: Dude, did u hear the new Ke$ha song?
person 2: No way! She sucks, and besides everybody listens to her.
person 1: Stop being such a hipster!
by The MainStream November 26, 2011
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A Male/Female who generally is in high school or college. Most of the time females become lesbians because being straight is way to mainstream. The men either dress like they are gay or have gay friends. Hipsters tend to Dress out of the norm meaning Pants that go all the way up to their belly button /shorts and or a Loose Tshirt or Random Grandma Sweater that generally has a random animal on it. Hipsters like wearing combat boots or creepers. In modern days hipsters are NOT called sluts although most of the time they dress just as bad or even worse than the normal ho-bags of our everyday life. OR they show absolutely NO skin and wear long skirts and high collared shirts. They also enjoy movies that no one has heard of and English/British shows they find on NetFlix. Hipsters like tea.
"Oh my FECK! That guy Austin is such a Hipster."
"Bloody Hell, you saw that Lesbian over there, yeah?"(shrug)
by I'm not a Hipster. October 05, 2011
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A poser.
Hipster: "Do you like my new plaid shirt. It came with these fake glasses that I got at the Salvation Army. I like to be thrifty. Save the animals!"
Random Person: "Uh. You're not blind."
Hipster: "Oh I know. These glasses make me look cool. They set me apart from the rest of society."
Random Person: *Slaps hipster in face* "Yeah...I think that will set you apart from society too. I don't see too many people running around with slap marks and skinny jeans. You're welcome"

by IRockTheWorld September 26, 2011
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