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a 'redneck' who has smoked cannabis, and possibly imbibed other intoxicants of the hallucinogenic type, while still retaining strong elements the hillbilly discipline, (i.e. industrial alcoholing, hunting, guns, nascar, indiscriminate sex/ fighting, homophobia, hating of 'liberals', and general right wing posturing) -inability to perceive the whole 'picture', the REAL truth, and/or see the forest for the trees! ignorance of the 'liberals' being as stupid as the 'conservatives'...
all the construction site, guys that long ago gave folks a problem for having long hair; are now all hippybilly boys!

those hippybilly boys at foolsleys, won't hesitate to get into a 'duke-out' over the most feeble of situations!

some hippybilly boys were verbalizing loudly and crudely, when they saw my wifes butt as she walked!

a little knowledge is a dangerous thing for a hippybilly boy!

some of the country 'stars' are little more than hippybilly boys!!
by michael foolsley October 13, 2013
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