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A young lady of easy virtue who is usually, but not always, aesthetically and hygienically challenged. Usually predominant in packs of Chavs or Neds. The literal definition refers to the female genitalia in a constant state of readiness as in, '....hanging out'.
I wouldnae go near her, she's a fuckin' hing oot.
I think ah caught somethin' fae that wee hing oot last night.
The most popular use of this term, however, is a form of male bonding and acceptance: Yer maw's a fuckin' hing oot.
by Erchie McGeakle November 21, 2005
25 1
A lady of easy virtue, a slapper, a prossie, a good time girl. Literally, a woman who has had so much cock that her fanny in 'hinging oot'
'her fannny is hinging oot' or 'shes a right hingoot'
by the-man-who December 20, 2006
8 1
Slang: Scottish: hing-oot (hang out)

A female of questionable morals and or reputation who 'remains out' to all the hours of the morning.
"Bide awa fae her. Shes a fucking hingoot."
by munty October 05, 2005
4 0
skanky,unhygienic,manky,clarty person used by scottish people
bordaboot hing oot, whats ur problem, hing oot
by paula pagan May 15, 2007
6 6
Scottish term for any unidentifiable liquid
Aw, man! you got hingoot on my new shirt!
Thats some nasty sticky hingoot...
by Tam Chase November 29, 2004
1 3