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1) Very caring being, who is generous and intelligent; works hard to please his family and friends.
2) Sexy being with great (amounts) of hair!
3) Someone who I stride to be just like.
A: "I wish my son could be more like his son"
B: "Who, like Himanshu?"
A: "Yah."
B: "I agree."
by Wendy C. from Canada! December 04, 2006
A person with the biggest ego ever found in this world. Will always try to be better than everyone in sight, even the person who teaches him something. A himanshu cares a lot about his future, in fact, that's the only thing he cares about! A himanshu displays various sudden acts of movement in the face, like sudden twitches of the eye and nose, and often blames the movements on a "cold" or his glasses. Himanshu is always the best at everything he does. Even if he isn't, he thinks he is.
person 1: hey man, wanna learn this new trick on the skateboard? himanshu: i'm better than you. person 1: i contributed 20000000 dollars to the charity this year. himanshu: i contributed 200000001 dollars. person 1: i slept at 12 am last night himanshu: i slept at 12:01 person 1: himanshu, would you choose to take care of your parents, or your college? himanshu : i'm better than you.
by manza March 16, 2013
Himanshu is an Indian name, him+anshu, means ice+particle.
Sometimes related to Himalays mountain and part of ice.
I met a guy yesterday , his name was Himanshu.
by himanshu bhamra February 21, 2008
Exceptional human being. Also incredible.
"Who is your favorite?"

- "Himanshu"

"Good choice"
by glower February 08, 2010
Exceptional human being. Also incredible.
"Who is your favorite?"

- "Himanshu"

"Good choice"
by ori24 February 07, 2010
An extremely tall Homo Saipan, who will consume anyone or thing in sight. Best known for it’s massive droppings. Very egoistical with a god complex, mentally instable and sometimes poses multiple personalities.
I was speaking to a himanshu, and he thought he was Ghengis Khan, the stupid fucker ate my burrito.
by ramakrishanan April 08, 2007

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