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adjective: 1. Good; great; awesome
2. Good job

Usually followed up by the word mothafucka.
1. Hilty pilty, mothafucka!

2. Last night was hilty pilty!

3. Jared had a hilty pilty time at the Halloween party.

by Evan Henderson November 04, 2007
1. an adjective meaning good or great, often used in conjunction with "muthafucka"

1. This bratwurst is hilty pilty!
2. Hilty pilty muthafucka! (usually used to describe a job well done)
by JaredTheWizard November 04, 2007
an expression often used to describe something as being great. Often used with "muthafucka"
1. This is just hilty pilty muthafucka!
2. This brautwurst is hilty pilty!
by JaredTheWizard November 01, 2007
1. Like "good" or "great", is often used with muthafucka
2. Opposite of Hilly Nilly

Jimmy: Dude my girlfriend gave me head last night!
John: Hilty Pilty mothafucka!

by MikeD.estroyer November 28, 2007
an expression meaning good, or great
1. That bakklevah is hilty pilty
2. hilty pilty muthafucka!
by JaredTheWizard November 03, 2007
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