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When a male promises to pull out but doesn't and he accidentally ejaculates into his partners mouth, vagina, anus, eye... ect.
Oh man, I got caight up in the moment and totally hijackulated her mouth... She was pissed!
by Oopsididitagain May 14, 2012
v. 1. To hijack or take over an object, seat, position, or plane, through the use of one's mid-flight man milk, or vigorous masturbation in which an ejaculation occurs.

Note that this can this *can* be accomplished through forcible hijacking, followed by masturbation, as long as ejaculatory fluid makes contact with the hijacked individual/s. This can sometimes be difficult when the hijacked individual runs like a bitch or does not fight back.

2. To masturbate on a plane, either in full view of passengers or in a bathroom.
1. You just got HIJACULATED, bitch. Swallow.

2. "Dude, I just hijackulated that plane." "Fuck yeah."
by dicksonaplane January 13, 2010

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