A mobile tent/prison that Islam uses to imprision it's female followers. The original purpose of such clothing is rooted in the need to protect ones face agains sand storms. It has however been indoctrinated into the Quaran and women in Isalmic countries are often severely punished or murdered for failing to wear the hijab in public.
A hijab allows the wearers eyes to be visible and is not to be confused with the burqa, where the entire face and body is covered (often making walking or moving a very hazardous task).
While it could be argued that the hijab does serve two practicle purposes in arid desert countries, to protect against the elements, and also to reduce the woman to an object with no visible individual characteristics and hence remove any sex appeal to members of the opposite sex. This second purpose obviously primarily benifits the husband/father/owner of the hijab wearing woman.
Muslims often wear the hijab when living in other non-derert and non-muslim countries. Unfortuately this can have a very negative effect as far as intergration is concerened because in nearly all non-Muslim cultures and countries, the concealment of the face is regarded as offensive, intimidating and disrespectful.
This stems from the fact that historically, in non-Muslim countries at least, concealment of the face has been left in the domain of criminals, terrorists and other deviants who wish to conceal their identities from mainstream society for fear of retribution.
Muslim woman: "My Muslim husband asked me to please observe Hijab, and I told him that I am totally brainwashed into feeling perfectly comfortable to do so."
by Native minority August 27, 2005
Top Definition
1.An islamically prescribed way of dress in which a woman must cover herself at least from her shoulders to her knees in loose fitting clothing that isn't sheer. At best she covers her body with the exception of her face and hands. The clothing can be as stylish as she wants it to be or as drab and unstylish as she wants it to be. She can wear silk, or any other fabric and follow anystyle as long as it stays within these bounds.

2. Hijab is not meant to oppress a woman but it is meant to protect and distinguish her. By dressing like this she is showing respect for her self and her religion and is given respect.

3. A hijabi woman never looks like a ho or a prostitute, because she is covering what aught to be private.

4) Some women refer to her head covering alone, or khimar as hijab.

5) The islamic dress code for muslim women.

6) The way most self respecting women dress.
"Which hijab do you think I should wear today, the beaded or the plain, striped or embroidered?"

"Nzinga stays wearin flyy hijab to the mosque. Damn! She looks so nice that augta be haram." (But it ain't!)
by Nzinga K October 09, 2006
The hijab is a beautiful thing, it's funny how when some people look at me they think i'm a poor little immigrant who's being controlled by my father and older brother. First of all, I ASKED for the hijab when I was about eight years old because I thought it was a beautiful thing, it was exotic and it came in so many different colours...plus I didn't have to spend half an hour every morning plaiting my long curly hair. Of course when I was around 11 I rebelled a little, but that was because I was trying to fit in, and now that i'm 14 I know that fitting in with the girls in my class shouldn't be on my list of priorities. I'm not a refugee in the Middle East heck...I'm not even arab, i'm a 14 year old girl who was born in TORONTO, who likes the same things that any normal 14 year old girl likes. I am not brainwashed because I'm pretty sure my mom wouldn't care whether or not I wore the hijab, my older brother would actually perfer me NOT to wear it, and my dad...well...he doesn't even live with us, so do I look like a poor, handicapped sex slave? NO, I'm probably one of the most respected girls in my class, i'm intelligent, articulate, I got accepted to the high school of my choice, and I experience the same things that any normal 14 year old girl experiences...just with a few restriction from my religion.

So stop ridiculing Islam, Islam loves women, come on...in Christianity are men obligated to BUY their wife's breast milk? Are the men obligated to buy their wife a maid (if they can afford it), are the men supposed to help their wives with the housework? I think not...to think that all of this was in the quran 1400 years ago BEFORE feminism and before women had any rights.

Do not look at these middle eastern men who beat and rape their wives and daughters, they are hypocrits and give bad names to islam, look towards the GOOD muslims, I hardly doubt Barack Obama's mother MARRIED (his step-father) who was a muslim and stayed married to him because he beat her. Most muslims...or rather the TYPICAL muslim should be a kind, thoughtful, generous and polite person just like Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) was. All you guys do is nitpick and criticize islam, get off your high horses, and stop acting like your religion is the best.

P.S: Sorry if this ran long, but I'm really pissed off at all these stupid ignorant twats who have nothing better to do than dissing a religion they know nothing about!
Do you realllllllllly need an example of Hijab?...Fine!

Girl: MOM! I can't find my purple hijab! I need it to match my new outfit!

Mom: Wear your black one then,

Girl: But my outfit has no black---WAIT...NVM I found it!...Now have you seen my pin?

Mom: ....
by Ikki_Ikki_Ikram May 18, 2008
A piece of cloth worn on head by Muslim women to 'protect' their modesty and avoid rape and lilling in the name of Allah.
Fatima refused to wear Hijab and her husband killed her in the name of Islam and Allah.
by TurtleSnake69 May 16, 2016
Hijab is a form of dress that is often observed by female followers of Islam

To observe Hijab is thought by many to mean the covering of the whole female body, but traditionaly, it is believed to be acceptable for the hands and face to be shown.
My Muslim husband asked me to please observe Hijab, and I told him that I would feel perfectly comfortable to do so.
by Jessica T July 25, 2005
Hijab is just a piece of cloth but to most women like me it's a beautiful headscarf that covers a womens body (not only there hair) and that shows modesty and lets other people judge
her by her personality, honesty, kindness,and smarts.Something that all women can wear. You do not have to be Muslim to wear the hijab although most women who are Muslim do wear the hijab.
And that is what i believe is the hijab.
Jessica: Wow Fatma you have a very beautiful hijab on today.

Fatma: Thank you Jessica
by Fatimina I. March 22, 2008
ok, so it covers outer beauty- but it brings out true inner beauty.

i love my hijab

like it or lump it

person1: I <3 my hijab.
person2: Same. check out my inner beauty.
by I'mAFacebookAddict April 20, 2009
Muslim headwear, to cover their body up. Used as a sign of modesty. Not all Muslims choose to, especially those from more modern Islamic countries (i.e. Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.) or in Western countries (US, Canada, etc.)
p1: Your hijab is rockin'.

p2: Thanks, I got it at my favorite store. I thought you were Muslim; where's yours?

p1: I choose not to wear it.

p2: Okay, cool.
by granadamazing January 02, 2009
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