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To steal something from someone. A girl, your keys, cookies, etc.
P1: Fuck, man, I heard you limewired Ella from me. I'll kill you!


P1: Is that my MacBook?

P2: Yeah, sorry, I accidentally limewired it from your room. *whistles*
by granadamazing January 03, 2009
A nice country, but poverty, trash, and corrupt government overpower it often. A lot of people beg for money, especially the kids. Make sure to slip some Rp for them.

Nice people, but if you're white, they like to stare.

On the other hand, people with lighter skin then the typical Indonesian (i.e. brown) are liked far better than the browned.

Mainly Muslims, but I'm sure you'll be able to find the more "loose" ones around cities (especially Jakarta).

Misunderstood, considering most people are Muslim and the terrorists. But you can find terrorists anywhere, so I don't see how...?
p1: Going to Indonesia

p2: Yep, pretty excited, I'm visiting family.

p1: Awesome. Watch out for the terrorists!

p2: You watch out for them too, even though the US.

p1: Oh that's true, like Bill Ayers.

p2: He hasn't been a terrorist in years.

p1: ... whatever.

(end political debate)
by granadamazing January 02, 2009
Muslim headwear, to cover their body up. Used as a sign of modesty. Not all Muslims choose to, especially those from more modern Islamic countries (i.e. Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.) or in Western countries (US, Canada, etc.)
p1: Your hijab is rockin'.

p2: Thanks, I got it at my favorite store. I thought you were Muslim; where's yours?

p1: I choose not to wear it.

p2: Okay, cool.
by granadamazing January 02, 2009
Really boring place, even worse if you moved there by your parents after living in a city.

Nothing to do, no diversity in culture, race, etc.
P1: Hey, what's up? I heard you moved to the suburbs.

P2: I did.

P1: Sorry, man.

P2:Kill me now.
by granadamazing January 02, 2009
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