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When one has reached a state of highness, such that the same conversation can be had multiple times in the same session. Usually caused by a high intake of THC such that the user does not give enough fucks to note what has been happening, and only cares about what is occurring specially if it includes food, drinks, and or more THC.
Carothers: hey man your lighting a joint? that's cool I haven't smoked in forever, my tolerance must be shit, should I take a hit or will I get too high?

Lowry: I dont know, this isnt the same crap weed we used to get back in the day this weed is specifically and scientifically made to get you high. This is domesticated weed its like the best steak youll ever eat but in weed form.

Carothers: so what you are saying is that I can't hang that just one puff of this and then bam I can't handle my self?

Lowry: iam not saying it, it's the truth this is the third joint I light up you've been in a highnundrum this whole time since we started smoking so yeah you can't hang.


Carothers: so its been a while since ive smoked, will your weed get my unreasonably high or can I get a hit?

Lowry: dam highnundrum *passes joint
by Moroccosanti October 17, 2013
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