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The most pov way to make a pipe. You take a highlighter, sharpie brand, and take all the ink and shit out of it. Then you poke a hole in the top of the lid, and one at the end of the highlighter, big enough for the cap to fit in.
If you want you can make a shotgun. Lastly you need to make a screen/bowl out of tinfoil. If you an idiot the place that you would draw with is were you inhale.
Me: "Fuck that bitch Jane, she lost my fucking pipe!"

Jorey: "Yea, fuck that!"

Evan: "Make a highlighter Pipe, i used to all the time:)"

Jorey: "Evan you poor jew bastard!"

Me: "Yeah, anyways highlighter pipes are pov."
by diseased sheep June 13, 2006
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