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1. A place in Texas commonly refered to as "the bubble" in which rich conservative caucasian christians are found in abundance and where political and religious differences are frowned upon. Filled with what people would call brats who always complain about people discriminating against them, but really who are everything people say they are. People within the bubble often survive on Starbucks, Jamba Juice, Juicy Couture, cell phones, the O.C, and country clubs.
2. Hell
HP Student in science class: Ok, who else was upset that the O.C was interupted last night by the President's speech?

Person #1: What happend to your car?
Person #2: I had a Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker on it and someone came and keyed it 3 times. (All actual events)
by the liberal one April 30, 2005
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A small community very close to the center of Dallas, Texas. It is referred to as "The Bubble" seeing that is conveniently surrounded by a highway/tollway/major road on every side and seems to be very "high in" compared to the outlying areas. Most Highland Park residents are stereotyped as Christian, Conservative and Wealthy which, the majority of the time, is true. Highland Park is relatively expensive compared to near by towns but is worth the money. Highland Park High School is one of the top ranked high schools in Texas and the city is overall very safe. Though many people find pleasure in bashing the "blonde barbies" that live here most people in HP already know that brunette is WAY sexier. ;)
"Highland Park! Go Scots!"
by TheFuzzz87593093 April 09, 2009
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Many, as there are a number of them accross America, MI, TX, CA and others. This definition is CA. A community with significant architecture since its beginnings in the 1880s along the Arroyo Seco. In the midst of gentrification, it contatins almost every popular Southern California architectural style from the late 1880s to the 1940s is represented, from Queen Anne Victorian and Craftsman to Mission and Tudor Revival. Highland Park also has many transitional-style homes that blend elements from more than one period.
Parkies: Texas
Homies: California
by Mogh June 09, 2005
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Highland Park IL, is a rich neigborhood north of Chicago. Most kids here are like clones of one another. That is being rich, acting stupid and being good at sports. Also, kids that are the least bit unique are outsiders. Most kids are jewish and the others constantly state that they want to be. Emo is a fun joke among jocks and cheerleaders. The popular kids in HP say it is the best place on Earth, It's not.Not everyone here is hot, a lot of popular kids are either fat or are in serious need of a nose job.Take it from me I live in HIGHLAND PARK.
Normal conversation in Highland Park.
Jock to cheerleader: Look at me I'm so Emo! (Shows fake cuts on arms.)

Cheerleader: (Laughs her head off) That is sooo funny!

Other Cheerleader: OMG! I like totally forgot to do my homework last night. Quick, what's 2+2?

Cheerleader:(Thinks hard) I think it's 5!

Jock: You are so smart. Meet me after class,I've got to pick out a new Porche. I crashed my other one last night at the party.
by @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ February 08, 2007
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In concern of Highland Park, Illinois...
Where the japs and rich reside. Where the lawns are emerald and the sky's blue and the beach is always calling your name. The money is so normal that a BMW is the equivelent to a Toyota. Basically, it's the most amazing place in the world. The expectations for kids re Ivy League, for the adults, doctor or lawyer or a highly respectable position. The gossip is hot but the kids are hotter. Highland Park is home to Jews, and only a couple of wealthy Christians. JAPs, preps, and posers. Summers are spent at sleepaway camp, or at homes in the Hamptons or fancy vacations. Winters are filled with trips to ski towns in Colorado and tropical vacations. Throughout seventh and eigth grade, bat/bar mitzvahs populate the weekends. To sum it up, ridiculously wealthy families, gorgeous kids, tons of drama, and pretty much one of the most rich towns in the United States.
Wow, look at the glow coming off of her too good to be true body...she must be from Highland Park!
by fjaudimajhs September 26, 2006
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the best place in the world. we might have more advantages than some ppl, but that doesn't mean we all are rich and snobby. i love highland park, tx. whenever i used to lose teeth, i would get one dollar. so would all my frnds. a lot of people here's parents are doctors and lawyers and such, but they worked dang hard for that. they wanted to give us a good life. they wanted me to feel like i was safe. and they wanted me to be happy. and they succeeded. and yall keep saying stuff about that we dont get reality. shut up. we just have nice people, nice schools, and SOME nice things.
everyday girl from hp- i love highland park cuz its the best place eva! i just got an a+ in every subject on my report card! and i just finished all my chores! my mom gave me $20 today and i bought 2 shirts at forever 21 for $9.50 each with tax! when i turn 16, i get to buy a car with the money i've been saving up since 1st grade! i think i'll buy a toyota! peace out!

discriminatory girl from other town- you guys are snobby! we just hate you because your parents wanted to give you a great life! your such brats!

unappreciative girl from hp- hp sucks. the ppl here suck. my parents suck. i hate them because they put me in this place. i just am so ungrateful that they spent over 8 years in college. all the ppl here are stupid. they get $1000 if they get all F's. they only shop at juicy couture and neimans and starbucks. i cant wait to leave.

everyday girl from hp- well, think wat u want to think, but we're nice! we love you anyway!

by hp_lover February 15, 2008
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As an alumna of Highland Park, I can say with confidence that "HP" is a safe and friendly community, full of well-to-do families with parents who earn a substantial living as a result of strenuous work in college and graduate school. I do apologize, however, for the "teeny boppers" who have added rather "un-eloquent" personal definitions that are not representative of the general population.
One Highland Park student: "I am so H-O-T-T hot cuz i dont care wtf you think you piece of outside of HP white trash"
Rest of Highland Park: "I wish girls like that would mature a little bit before they learn to speak. They are embarrassing."
by HPALUM04 March 21, 2006
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