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Known as "the bubble", Highland Park is a sweet little suburb inside of Dallas. Yes, most of it is made up of rich people, but there are less snobs than you would think. Everyone is friendly and everything is within biking/walking distance. Not everyone is a complete idiot/blonde/pretty but stupid, just a few, if any at all. Way back in time HP actually tried to become a part of Dallas, but Dallas turned them down. (So really Dallas has no reason to be mad at HP.) HP is a great neighborhood, but like every other town in the world, there are some snobs, violence, drugs, and random shizz.
Person 1: I bet no one in Highland Park would help that homeless guy over there.

Person 2: Yeah, but neither would you kumquat.
by iHaTeWhEnPeOpLeWrItElIkEtHiS July 10, 2010

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