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a slum of a town utterly pathetic consists of about 3 familys and 3k people. just alot of incest running rampid this town should be blown up by anyway of nuclear implosion or bomb it just makes me wanna hit a baby walking into it well the only thing worse than its family members is how bad they play football they get there ass beat by there godly neighboring town marlboro every year now thats a real team unlike those noob incest ass fkers in highland goo marlboro fuck incest !
husband:hey hunny where were u born?

wife:highland newyork

husband:me 2!!


husband: ya? wow this is just so amazing we both from highland! omg =o

wife:im your cousin remember we lived together on the farm...

husband:oo ya nice im porkin my cuz pown
by highland blows August 30, 2009
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