the fourth circle of hell
man, you go to high tech high? sorry.
by Balla June 03, 2003
a place that lies and says they will do one thing and doesn't. Don't be fooled by the name, that is what lures the the victims in. It is a place where the student council has no power, the teachers are all te same (except different accents) and you do something called "Tai Chi", it is dreadful
Kid : Hey look I got a notice from "High Tech High"

Dad: nope your not going

Kid: But Why?

Dad: No kid of mine is going to be labeled a nerd.
by Who The Douce Are You? April 14, 2005
a school of technology made specifically for people that like technology, or for people who dont know what school to go to. it is only the fourth circle of hell for one who is too stupid too realize that high tech high is going to get u into college.
Hey man! i ono wat school to go to...
Go to High tech high
by Msquared April 15, 2005
a school that you don't want to go to. It is a piece of shit. The only new kids that go here, are kids that can't get pussy or a life. If you come here, your a loser. We can't do anything in this school. Tai Chi is some stupid thing. If you come here, I will personally tell you
Welcome to prison. What cell would you like and whose bitch would you prefer to be?
by Fuck You Couch, Nigga April 22, 2005
an extreeme liberal school focussing on the arts of technology, (although our technology sucks), art, and music. The stereotypical person that is nerdy and do not have lives are called weabos. They sit at the outer corner of High tech high international next to the basketball courts. MOST everyone else is mellow and are either surfers (me),skaters,like to chill, or good looking . Not the stereotype. Oh yeah and there are the people who are insanely obsessed with technology and robots, (not bad mouthing them), but overall everyone else is pretty cool.
High Tech High International goer: "so after school do you want to paddle out? Jason can't come because his mom is pissed at him for not getting good grades. Greg can come but he can't come to Sam Goody afterwards. Alright meet me at the stairs after school. Oh Jennie is coming to. Yea were still going out." ETC
by Windham February 17, 2008
A school with lonely, pathetic, troubled losers. The population majority in the school is Jewish, and they are all crazy, stupid, or brainwashed (See Definiton #3). Second comes the depressed nerdy poseur-goths who seem to fit in quite well. If your not Jewish, or a poseur-goth, this is NOT the school for you.
Dude...I have no life, I scare away the opposite sex, and I have no friends....I think I'll go to High Tech High.
by N/A April 17, 2005

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