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executed at track meets everywhere, this field event kicks all the other field events' asses! it's by far the best use of one's athletic talent. you have to have it all to be able to jump, and we're talkin' speed, flexibility, strength, endurance. the ultimate.

also: shiz is used to determine one's starting point.
kendra won the 2A state high jump with a jump of 5'8". amazing!
by kendra (shiz) November 01, 2006
A sport in which there is a bar (cross bar) situated on standards in front on a mat(s) usually more than a foot high. The athlete must jump over the bar (off one foot)which is set at measured heights. The athlete gets 3 attepts at each height to clear the bar. It only takes one jump at each height to qualify, to move on. Most athletes have a regular plant leg in which they jump off of (the outside leg when your feet are parellel to the bar).
As you jump up you must already be thinking about your arch. As you begin to fall downwards it is important to lift your legs and lower half of you body up and over, also. It is a good idea to get off the mat as soon as possible to reduce the chance of the bar falling after you jump. Even if you do not hit the bar, if the bar falls and you are still on the mat you may still be penelized.
This sport involves alot on stregth and athletisism. It always important to stretch and warm-up before attempting the highjump. You should not attept high jump without proper supervision and direction.
When he was learning how to highjump, hius coach had him practice back bends and arches ahead of time.
by *D~M* February 08, 2006
a sport in which you sprint toward an outragiously high bar, flailing your body up and over, bending you're self backwards as you fall down ward, onto a giant mat, (that hopefully hasn't moved since you last checked). A sport which is often performed by gorgeous and extreamly talented people.
Everyday she asks if the team is going to highjump today. People ask her why she likes it so much, because it seems so hard. She answers, "It's because being able to soarthrough the air over a pole and flop onto a mat is the best feeling in the world.
by *D~M* February 08, 2006
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