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Arrogantly believing oneself superior to others, often by putting down large groups of people. In usage, such a person is described as "on a high horse" or may be told to "Get off your high horse."
Get off your high horse; you aren't as smart as you think you are.
by Sxeptomaniac April 11, 2007
A mocking request to a person who is acting, speaking or behaving in a superior manner. It's asking people to try to be a little more humble
Would you get off your highhorse and talk to me properly. Or, it's about time you got off your highhorse and stopped moralising.
by CBQ October 24, 2011
High horse is an adjective used to describe something of ridiculous fancy.
"Look at this high horse toilet! It has a heated seat and 5 different sprays!"
by Tnetennba July 08, 2012
The classic game of Horse, but with a twist! Anything goes! Competitor's are required to be intoxicated in some way, shape or form, with the recommended being drunk and/or high on marijuana.

High Horse follows the same basic structure of regular horse except instead of a basketball court, you play in a small to medium sized room inside or outside. In addition to this, a small ball and a medium sized toy net suspended from the wall or roof with a backboard duct taped on and if you are interested then keep reading because here are the new rules that are guaranteed to provide countless hours of fun.

The Rules:
-The game follows the normal horse rotation.
-You are allowed one "Dancin' Dunk" (see terminology list)per game.
-No more than two consecutive dunks are allowed as a shot attempt
-All shots must be named (for instance, if you dunk it from the couch you can simply call it the "couch dunk")
-Some kind of inebriation is REQUIRED
-Anything and everything goes, shot-wise
-Everyone is allowed one of the following per game:
- "Picket fence"
- "Redo"

"Dancin' Dunk" - Any dunk requiring an elaborate preparatory hustle, jig, dance, or any other unnecessarily long movements prior to the dunk.
"Five-Pointer"-Entails unintentionally getting the ball stuck over the goal. This automatically makes the intended shot, and the game progresses as though said shot was made. The "Five-Pointer" is invalid on a dunk attempt.
"Picket fence"- Everyone is allowed, one time per game, to leap in front of any opponent's shot at any time with their hands raised (Swatting does not count.) This can be attempted only once, and if successful, the opponent misses the shot.
"Redo"- Self-explanatory. You may redo one shot at any time during the game.
"Are you bored? Let's play a round of high horse!"
by uncle rabbi December 22, 2008
1 where americans sit

2 a stoned horse

3 a horse exersisin his donk
1 check me i'm holdin a (world series) and not invightin any one else.

2 neighpassmeatokeneigh

3 neighohyeahbabythatsthespotneigh
by crazy dave January 06, 2004
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