An inability to hide anything or from anything. With extreme clarity.
We live in a high-def culture, that exacts a high price if any imperfection can be seen.

by spbyrne June 13, 2009
Top Definition
it stands for definitely
a: "are u a douchebag?"
b: "high def"
by Charles yeah yeah yeah April 08, 2006
To deficate from and elevated position
the public toilets where so bad i had to take a high def.
by Ricardo Botterill September 03, 2007
The state of being extremely high. Because, your definently high. hence def. Not to be mistaken for high defintion (HD). Although, it is common to be High Def while watching High Def television
After I smoked that blizunt i became elevated to High Def status
by Mr. Logan J C October 05, 2010
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