A political term describing someone who is successful but plays by the rules.
Sen. Jackson wouldn't take the bribe

He's usually one to play high ball
by McClyde April 24, 2010
(verb) To accomplish tasks with the utmost efficiency and quality. Often resulting in one's superiority at that given task over their comrades.
Jimmy planted 1000 trees today, and James only planted 150. Jimmy High-Balled James, Jimmy is a high-baller.

by J T Hompson November 07, 2007
The physiological response of the human eye upon ingestion or inhalation of 'The Weeds'. The resulting response is characterized by a noticeable glossiness and/or a distinctive red discoloration of the whites of the eyes. A human showing signs of 'highballs' will often be hard to agitate, irritate, or otherwise provoke into any actions involving any materials other than Doritos or Shark Week.
"Dude, are my highballs showin? I don't want the cops knowin' I've been hitting The Weeds."

"Hey man, before you head to work take these eye drops for your wake and bake highballs."
by Jahngad August 17, 2014
1. Railroad slang for a green light or permission to proceed. Go = highball
2. verb: to put whichever testicle hangs higher into the vagina during intercourse while leaving the lower one out.

3. verb: to overtake someone in a hallway whether they are stopped or moving.
1. Engineer: the light is green. Conductor: Highball!
2. Man I totally highballed with my girlfriend last night.
3. Dude I was just walking to my office and that gay guy highballed me. It was pretty tight in there too, I think he just wanted some action.
by Jo mamma's *** September 24, 2009
The act of getting pleasantly inebriated, usually during the afternoon when more productive acts could be done
Joe and I were highballing and enjoying the nice weather on Saturday.
by Timboo April 14, 2008
When a man/boys balls have not dropped yet.
Jhon acts so girly, he is probabally a highballer.
by Adrian October 15, 2003
A game when the players are high, and you turn all the lights out, and hide and try to scare each other as many times as possible
We smoked some pot and then played highball all night long!
by Jeff Mannalet November 04, 2006
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