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An ambitious person who achieves success easily whithout making much effort.
Tony is such a high flyer! He's successful in everything he does!
by Lino Walker January 13, 2008
A high flyer is a quality paper plane (joint) large, slow burning rolled with grade A marijuana
Bro#1 hey wanna hang out?
Bro#2 nah I can't I got homework
Bro#1 I just rolled some dro in a high flyer
Bro#2 I'll be there in 5 minutes
by Duginheimin May 01, 2012
a dude who recently smoked chron
Dude... I recently smoked some chron. I'm a high flyer
by neverStopBlazing August 21, 2008
One that possesses the ability to jump high in basketball and do some crazy dunks.
Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, T-Mac, Dwight Howard, and D-Wade are the highflyers in the NBA
by RichieRich9219 March 24, 2008
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