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a sexy vietnamese that every asian girl loves especially one with a huge obsession
"Stay Away from my Hieu!"
by Shizn0 December 05, 2005
The most important person EVER. Intelligence is often described as Albert Einstein and Matt Groening combined. Is super sexy.
Dude, if i could be a Hieu, all them bitches would be mine!
by Hieu January 17, 2004
da coolest person in da world!
HIEU IS MY BIG BRO!....not urs!
by emik0 November 01, 2003
best friend, always there when you need her. funny, strong is so many ways.
wow i wish i was hieu
by jess May 04, 2004
hIphop freak!
a dogg, otherwise known as hieunauzer
you see that kid over there, ill bet you hes a hieu..


carolyn has a hieunauzer
by Run October 31, 2003
hieu is the coolest person ever!
i love my kuya duckie!
hieu is too cool
by toni rose January 30, 2004
someone who gets jealous a lot and eats a lot. someone who is known to be very violent.
That girl over there is shoving her face in that cake. Damn she eats a lot. What's her name? Probably a hieu.

Omg that girl over there is stabbing that guy with scissors. She needs to stop being a hieu.
by TheVanBand March 15, 2013

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