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Hideto Matsumoto, more commonly known by his nickname hide (lowercase 'h')was the brilliant, flamboyant, pink-haired guitarist of legendary Japanese rock band X Japan. He died on May 2nd, 1998 at the age of 33, though the manner of his death is debatable.
He achieved godly status with many in Japan and all over Asia. Over 70,000 people attended his funeral and a museum was built in his honour.

Apart from X Japan, he also formed the band Yokosuka Saver Tiger, took part in an American collaboration, Zilch, was a part of hide with Spread Beaver, and had a successful solo career.
hide was one of the most awesome musicians in the world.
by Alfiie April 26, 2007
39 22
chuck norris is coming
run hide diee
by chuck norris hideeee August 21, 2010
5 3
A male who has a much higher social status than any other male in the room or at the social gathering.

The guy every other guy is jealous of. Use as an adjective.
Joe- "Dude, that guy in the leopard print disco shirt is a hundred times more hide than me or you!"

Odd Friend 1- "No shiste. That's probably why he's railing that hot blonde."

Odd Friend 2- "Yeah..."
by joethefunulator June 21, 2010
3 3
An utterly unattractive female.
Son, I wouldnt touch that Hide with a 20 foot golden dick.
by Rick Delicious February 09, 2007
32 38
"Ah! Run quick, HIDE!"
by CheapAlert March 03, 2004
9 66