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A gormless gimp who couldn't find his arse with both hands.
Adam Foster
by Gart September 23, 2003
A brutal beating
I gave that horse fucker a bloody good hiding!
by Gart September 24, 2003
itZ is an acronym. An acronym for Indie Techno Zombies. itZ is basically a group of individuals who enjoy journeying and climbing windmills. Well, currently the only windmill within walking distance, but they have still adapted it as their mascot, in a sense. The reason for the name?
Indie - One of the styles of music they have become engulfed in.
Techno - The music of journeys, which are always had on foot.
Zombies - By their habits. A strange amount of energy, an odd manner by which they act, and their dire thirst for human flesh and brainmeats.
I'll have some time after school, wanna head over to the itZmill and sleep for a bit?
by Gart May 17, 2006

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