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a hick who is a hooker
that hicker slept with my roomate and set the alarm to country music
by hebrewhammr18 September 23, 2008
any time you show signs of turning evolution backwards and become a complete hick.
You better stop drinkin before u get any more hicker.
by Speedjunki December 18, 2010
The golden sticker found on every New Era hat. It is a hat sticker.(hicker). These days people love too keap there hicker.
Gangsta: Yo look at my new lid.
Nube: Um you forgot to take the sticker off your hat.
Gangsta: Nah man, you aint cool if you dont leave yo hicker on.
by Westley Nixon January 03, 2008
A in-humane breed of rednecks that thrive in rural villages of Northern Colorado
Dude I heard the hickers outside my farm-house lighting off fireworks and killing cats.
by ludvigsion al maliki March 28, 2011