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To pass the winter in a dormant or torpid state of excessive masturbation.
as a verb:
"All he did last winter was hiberbate."
as a noun:
"This smallness of this town is conducive to hiberbation."
"I envy that particular individual for his consummate position as an avid hiberbator."
by downbeat March 14, 2004
Someone who ignores all their other friends when they are masturbating for extended periods of time.
Jeff never wants to come out with us, because all he does is hiberbate!
by SurfyMender4 November 30, 2010
to stay inside for the entirety of winter and masturbate
Yo, fuck winter i gonna go hiberbate
by iunnofuckinwaffles April 09, 2015
"Staying in for long periods of time inside or in shelter and masterbating to pass the time"
It is so cold outside today, that I may just stay in all day and hiberbate
by x1nightmare3x February 19, 2015
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