HF is short for hooker face. A term used to describe a chick that resembles a hooker in the face posibly due to too much makeup or drug use.
Hey HF how ya doing today? You have a good night last night with your new "friend"?
by Cindy Chaparelle July 11, 2011
Top Definition
have fun
by caca November 04, 2002
Have fun
M: We r going to see tiesto tonight.
A: Have fun
by Michael Grechka August 31, 2003
Have Fun!
Person 1: brb
Person 2: HF!
Person 1: back
Person 2: Did you have fun?
Person 1: Well I went to pee so yeah...
High Frequency

radio communication services from 1.8 to 29.7 MHz, used for long-range communications, the only band used for worldwide communcations other then mircowave and UHF satellite services
"Johnson, get Washingtion on the HF"
by IrishRepublicanArmy October 12, 2003
How Funny, only used in a sarcastic way.
Hey John I love rice just like you cause you're asian!!! haha
by PandaPineda August 25, 2009
Abbreviation for hatefuck. Often used in debates about whether individual celebrities are TLFs or not.
Matt and his roommate often talked about starting a website called TLForHF.com, similar to amihotornot.com, where users rated celebrities on the classic scale, but never got around to it.
by Aaron January 26, 2004

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