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The secondary language used in Northeastern Pennsylvania, using quick uneducated-like words to talk about anything.
"Bob had to brush up on his heynabonics before visiting Northeastern PA."

How heynabonics may be used..
When ordering Perogies and Hot Dogs from a church bizzaar:
"Hey gimme couple two tree a dem-der perogies, and maybe one-a-doze hoddags."

When asking if the perogies were good:
"Hey dem-der perogies good, heyna?"

When you go to ask your friend if he's eaten:
You: Jeet Yet?
Him: No, Joo?

When giving directions:
"Well first yous gonna go tru a couple two tree lights, den yous gonna take a left. Then you'll be in soyahville. Go up dem der interstate and youse'll get ta scranin'."

When your teacher tells you sit down:
"Johhny! Go siddown' on your doopa!"
by ssavoy November 16, 2007
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