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A catch phrase commonly used by wrestler Scott Hall also known as razor ramon, the bad guy or the swaggering cuban.
Hey yo. Survey says one more for the good guys!
by Reddyfire August 19, 2006
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A way to greet someone. Usually a close friend or significant other. It can be chill or flirty.
heyyo fish what's happening? or heyyo girllll what's happening. ..... or Heyyo (biesttt friend who's really my boyfriend)
by FishMeghie January 22, 2011
a fun way of saying hello
Person 1: Heyyo
Person 2: Hey what's up?
by Badwolf Fever August 17, 2014
what one says when something is said that could be construed as homosexual
usually avoided by saying "no homo"
Calvin: That nigga got a big head.

Steven: Hey yo!!
by Dash March 19, 2004

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