A hexagonal space in a honeycomb-like grid, used to standardize movement in some board, miniature and computer games.
Settlers of Catan, Memoir'44 and Panzer General use hexes. A "circle" - points of fixed distance from a center - is a large hexagon too !
by ROMagister September 18, 2008
HEX------>to bewitch, practice witchcraft on, a spell, charm, voodoo, Devil worshiper,
ATHEISTS, BLASPHEMERS<<<<-----plgrsts<<< trick ruses<<<----------Devil's Thrown Hello,
An evil spell; a curse.

One that brings bad luck.

TV Show "Charmed...."

Inkubus Sukkubus "Wytches", "Wytches 2002", “Wytch Queen”, "We will tell our children of the ancient Lore, at the moment of their birth....."……… “Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Inanna”

by blthrskt November 30, 2009
A rock club in Birkenhead, that plays different types of music.

Recently got raided by police because people were caught smoking weed there.

Plays lots of different sorts of rock music.

Open to under 18s on Wednesday and Friday nights.
emo1: ZOMG I'm going to Hex!!
emo2: OMG you must be like uber cool and like so totally mosher. I know lets download all the songs they play and claim to be the biggest fans of the artist.
emo1: what a great idea. I'd better go get my skinny jeans on and backcomb my hair.

mosher 1: Why the hell are they going to Hex? They don't even like the music
mosher 2: They're probably going for the smo shit, and thinking that thay'll play it all night.
mosher 1: Jokes on them they'll be stuck in the quiet room choking on the ciggarette smoke for most of the night.

by Amee_whorex December 19, 2006
Hex - hot, equivalent to the devil. A man who is superior to all. Loved by all women.
Look at that guy. He is so Hex.
by CINNAMONWOMAN May 28, 2016
A band from yonkers new york, that kicked more ass at the saunders battle, feb. 12 i think, in there 1.5 min of play time than other bands did in there full sets. got a huge mosh pit to break out on and off stage, had a keg player.. (yes an empty beer keg which we drank at a party.) many ppl got kicked, hit, etc.. few injuries. a member of aids was the replacement guitarest and aids is awesome! it was total chaos and may god hav mercy on ur soul if u didnt see them.. sure there not the best band.. maybe not even a decent band.. but there set was by far better than MORNING GLORY
no example
by Frederic April 05, 2004
local band from Yonkers, that can not keep a set line up. A band With no talent.
Drummer:can not make drum parts for new songs
Bassist:knows one bass line(not even his)
Singer:Can't sing or write
Guitarist:is creative core of the band
The guitarist writes everything.
by kenny March 23, 2004
Nightclub for dirty moshers situated in downtown Birkenhead where spotty teenagers may go to headbang to music or sit in the 'quiet' room and talk. Run by a group of unfriendly bouncers and officials, it is open on Wednesday and Friday nights.
emo1: Hey, you going to Hex this friday?
emo2: Yeah I'll be hexing it up with my new girlfriend
emo1: see you there dude
by Dave676 December 12, 2006
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