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Derogatory term for attitudes and behaviors typical of straight people and straight culture. (Obviously a play on the world "stereotypical".) It can either refer to a gender-schematic view of the world or to conservative attitudes about sex and relationships.

Some examples of heterotypical behavior:
- watching a football game with tostitos scoops and a pack of your bros.
- having a bachelorette party.
- going shopping with your mom or girl friends rather than by yourself.

Heterotypical attitudes toward sex and relationships:
ex. 1: Matt and Ally have been together for over six months and they're still listed as "married" to their best friends on facebook.
ex. 2: Sarah never has sex before the fourth date.
ex. 3: Jane and Chris broke up and never spoke to each other again.
"Angela always thinks I'm being catty to her and I don't know why."

"She thinks that about all girls."

"God, that's so heterotypical."
by interneter May 10, 2010

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