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A person who respectfully declines to associate with homosexuals and/or lesbians, but neither hates nor persecutes them.
I'm not a homophobe, I'm a heteroseparatist!
by Carl Rowan Morris September 09, 2006
heteroseparatist: a : A person, entity, or organization that respectfully declines to associate with any or all divisions of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender community, but does not hate, fear, or persecute people that are GLBT. b : A person who quietly shuns people and environments that are antihetero.
When I was called a homophobe, I explained what a heteroseparatist was.
by Carl Rowan Morris October 01, 2007
A troubled soul who is so disgusted by homosexuality that he just can't stop thinking about it.
Did you see that the heteroseparatist put up yet another blog post about homosexuality?
by The truth behind the facade October 20, 2009
Someone who seeks to mask their discriminatory words and actions with regard to homosexuality beneath a veil of high minded moral disapproval. Someone who believes heterosexual couples are superior to homosexual couples, and therefore deserve respect and rights that are not afforded to heterosexuals.
Person 1: Can you believe that guy? What a homophobe!
Person 2: No, no! He's a 'heteroseparatist'.
Person 1: Oh, so he's like a homophobe, but with less integrity and honesty?
Person 2: Yep.
by CookieCakes November 12, 2010
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