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Any person who is definitively not straight or heterosexual, but is not sure where he/she falls on the continuum between gay (homosexual) and straight (heterosexual).
She's not gay, but she's not quite straight, and she's not quite bi--she's just hetero-challenged.
by Nemo_GN909 April 03, 2011
A being that is sexually involved with a member of the same gender of their species. They are either unable, or refuse to become sexually involved with a being of the opposite sex. Also referred to as "homosexual" "gay" or "homo." In specific situations, the term "Faggot" is used to describe a male, and "Dyke" is used to describe a female. These terms are often associated with a hatred of the heterochallenged by heterosexuals.
He must be heterochallenged to kiss another guy!
by Spanio May 23, 2003
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